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Welcome to 2nd Yellow, a site about the ugly side of the beautiful game that is football.

In the last 15 years, football has increasingly become a soap opera both on and off the pitch. Diving, cheating, intimidating officials, feigning injury - all these things have crept into the game, and it‘s not all down to those naughty foreigners, regardless of what Steven Gerrard would have you believe.

These are also things that I don‘t like. When Sergio Busquets throws himself to the ground clutching his face, when Ashley Young practices his swan dive in the penalty area, when Cesc Fabregas starts waving imaginary cards at the referee, or when Nemanja Vidic towers above the linesman like a vengeful ogre, it detracts a little from the game that we all love.

And that‘s just on the pitch.

Off the pitch, the players are overpaid, over-hyped spoilt idiots who are just as likely to find themselves on the front pages as they are the back. And speaking of the media, they claim to have the interests of the game at heart, yet they rely on the soap-opera to sell their newspapers and keep their viewers tuned in.

Managers are equally as likely to rail against the officials, or condone the antics of their players. Referees, for their part, often make themselves look foolish by their inability to consistently apply the rules.

Then there‘s the boardrooms and committee rooms of our clubs, leagues and, or course, the dear FA. Part greedy profiteers, sometimes with hidden secrets, and part bumbling buffoon. How are these people allowed to look after the game on the fan‘s behalf, whilst simultaneously squeezing them for every penny they can get?

The fans themselves are the lifeblood of the sport. They pay the players‘ wages, purchase club merchandise, wear the sponsor‘s logos and generally keep the football world turning. Some of them are trail-blazing a path of supporter-ownership models at clubs such as AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester. Even the fans aren‘t entirely innocent, however.

What can you say about FIFA? Corrupt, unaccountable, self-interested, back-slapping lifers who are more concerned with "gifts" than they are with acting as responsible custodians of the world game. Instead they‘re desperately in need of reform, to the point where even governments are trying to intervene.

This is what 2nd Yellow is about. The 2011 Champions League final showed us that football can still be great, but all too often football is mired in controversy. 2nd Yellow highlights the foul play on and off the pitch and identifies what needs to change. It looks beyond the media guff and analyses the facts.