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Well here we go into Year 6 of the blog and I‘m still seeking to accomplish that ‘every-ground-in-the-top-8-levels-of-English-football mission’ - even though every year it seems like I‘m wading through mud to get there! But I AM getting there, albeit slowly! Work commitments will hit me a bit hard in the early part of the 2013/14 season but I hope to get going from October onwards - weather permitting! I‘ll also be targeting my usual Berwick Rangers home-and-away again, and maybe the odd Forest match - now that we‘re rich! Looking further ahead, from August next year I qualify for discount bus fare, so things might get a bit easier (and cheaper).

As well as recording my travels around various stadia, the general idea of this blog is to report on the availability (or not) of good ale and vegetarian food at or in the vicinity of grounds. The lack of vegetarian fayre in particular often leads me to believe I must be the only veggie in football, otherwise there‘d surely be a national outcry. The real ale situation is marginally better, and I‘d say that one in two grounds has at least a bottled ale on offer.

A bit about me - I went to my first match (at Filbert Street, Leicester) with my father in 1965 and followed Leicester for ten years. I always say they were ‘my dad‘s team’ and when I got itchy feet (and a car) I started what I call my first tour of new grounds (1976/77), during which I went to the City Ground for the first time and got the Forest bug. They‘ve been ‘my team’ ever since.

My second new ground tour started in 1987 when working in the Black Country and I followed Wolves around the lower reaches, and apart from a couple of years watching Darlington home & away (for no other reason than I loved Feethams and met like-minded souls) it‘s been Forest all the way.

In 2004 I got the wandering bug again, and began my third (and still ongoing) tour of new grounds. The wife says I‘m sad but it keeps me happy...