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Blog Description
Back Page Football was founded and launched in the summer of 2009 to provide a platform for writers and to create high quality football writing.

The blog is the brainchild of Kevin Coleman, an Irish-based student with a interest in football writing who wanted to create a home for his and other people‘s work. Kevin began working with Australian-based journalist Neil Sherwin to create and promote the blog, where we have steered BPF to great success nearly three years later. Neil has dedicated thousands of hours to the blog, editing countless articles in an often thankless task. Without his time and dedication, the blog would cease. BPF was developed and designed by Ollie Kavanagh, whom without his input we wouldn‘t be here today and we are eternally grateful for the time and effort he put in to building the site.

From the beginning, the goal of the blog has been to provide a platform for football fans to write about the beautiful game from a place where their work would be seen and read my many. Simultaneously, we strive to provide the very best football content we can from as many angles as possible.

The site is an open platform for anybody with an opinion or an interest in writing. We have an ever strengthening team of columnists who write for the site, and we welcome new writers all the time; be they budding journalists or people who simple enjoy writing about football.

We cover and have covered a wide range of areas in football. The Premier League, unsurprisingly, is one that we give great focus on. We cover Italian football passionately, while the Spanish league gets dedicated attention too. We‘ve published countless amounts of coverage from the Bundesliga, French football, the MLS, Irish football matters at home and abroad, Scotland and more obscure regions such as the A-League, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America.

Away from world football coverage, we‘ve published many different features and series. The Top 50 Players in the World feature, which has ran in both 2010 and 2011, a regularly updated series of articles on up-and-coming football players, interviews with established and new football blogs, a series recollecting some of the greatest moments in the game, and countless more.

Without doubt, the largest regular feature on the blog is our podcast, Hold The Back Page. The podcast began in 2010 with Irish football journalist CiarĂ¡n O’ Raghailligh behind the microphone. After a brief hiatus, the podcast returned under the guidance of Setanta Sports‘ Tom Fox, and most recently co-editor Neil.

The blog‘s first design overhaul appeared in early 2011, when we unveiled the current setup as designed and built by Ollie.

Although the blog had remained completely without advertising in its early years, we agreed a very successful sponsorship deal with Setanta Sports in 2011 which introduced some advertising onto the website along with their help with regards social media and the HTBP podcast.

In 2012, we announced a similar deal with their betting partner, SetantaBet.

As well as our association with the Setanta company, we are also apart of the Football Media advertising network.