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Forza Futbol is made up of two friends (Ravi and Elisa) who fell in love with the beautiful game. We focus on Spain, covering the Spanish National Team, the Primera and Segunda Divisions, bringing a sharper lens into the Spanish Game. We‘ll look at clubs both great and small, from Real Madrid to Real Sociedad, and Barcelona to Getafe. We‘ll look at the great players who play in La Liga, those that are on their way to greatness, or were simply trained there and now play elsewhere. Finally, we‘ll also look at some of the big issues that are effecting the game, as we believe that issues like racism, violence and corruption are everywhere but not in starker focus than in the Spanish First Division. We also talk about the UEFA Cup, Champions League and International matches, we talk transfer rumors, gossip and everything else that revolves around the world‘s greatest game. So check us out and join in the conversation and take your chance at our contests where you can win some great books on futbol.