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Girl On A Terrace is a football website written from the perspective of a female football fan; it aims to give female football fans a voice in a predominantly male world. Focusing on the lower leagues of the English Football League, it goes to show that women can love football just as much as men - and as we say - with a touch of lip gloss!

Set up in February 2011 originally as a personal blog, Girl On A Terrace started out simply as Sarah‘s rantings about being a Rochdale fan, but this soon evolved into something much more and extremely unexpected. Within a matter of months, Girl On A Terrace had already firmly established itself among other established football blogs with a unique twist that everything was written by Sarah - the face of Girl On A Terrace.

In the months to follow Sarah and Girl On A Terrace was featured on The Guardian, in World Soccer magazine and various other well-known football blogs, as well as being profiled and interviewed for a whole lot more websites and publications. Girl On A Terrace is also now a feature in every official Rochdale AFC match-day programme, written by Sarah and offering her opinion about the ongoings at Spotland.

Within less than a year of being born, Girl On A Terrace has become a well regarded football blog offering fans a different look at the world of football.

In January 2012, almost a year after its set up, Girl On A Terrace was re-born with a brand new look and feel.