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It‘s Not Life Or Death

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Its Not Life Or Death...
...its much more important than that!

Its ok, we know it isn't.

However, sport is a source of heated debate and sincerely held opinions. This is not intended as a sports news site - there are already plenty of those - its all about opinions! Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always opinionated.

This site began on the 26th January 2011. As with any blog, content will grow over time. No doubt there will be a few design changes along the way in the early stages as the site grows and develops. Its all about what works and what you want from the site. If you would like to play your part in deciding how the site develops then get involved. All contributions and opinions are welcome.

The thought process behind the startup of this blog is very simple. It is born out of a love of sport and the banter that evolves from following sport. We all have opinions. This is an opportunity to express them. We appreciate that there are already many sports forums out there for expressing opinions. This blog is not intended to replace them. However, by their very nature forums are designed for shorter articles and quick reactions and soundbites. Longer posts are not always appreciated. This site gives you the opportunity to construct an argument and express your thought out opinions.

So often when we try and express opinions it ends in frustration as others jump in before we have finished what we are saying. Thats the problem with opinions. Everyone has them and likes to express them as soon as an opening appears. Before we know it, we are so far off the point of the original discussion that the burning issue eating away inside us never gets out. Well here is your chance.

Yes, we are the boring old farts who like to drone on about the latest bee in our bonnets. But there is a boring old fart inside all of us, bursting to break free...