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Many moons ago I started writing for another website. I found I quite enjoyed and it gave me something to do. I then thought I would see if I could go it alone.

This is why this website is here. It was designed and built by me and started off from nothing. In many ways it is my pride and joy although not in the same way my Son is, just in case my wife is reading...

The aim is simple - to talk about all things Newcastle United whether they be good or (usually) bad. All input is welcome and we frequently feature guest articles from regular readers who just fancy getting their point across to a bigger audience. More often than not though you‘ll find articles from myself and my partner in crime Marktoon who is a personal friend of mine and shares my daft humour and love of all things black and white.

We love nothing more than creating a debate for everyone. Whether they be opinion pieces or snippets of news from transfers in to transfers out, we try to cover it all to give us all something to chat about on a regular basis.