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Oddest, Odder, ODD Grenland

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A blog about Odds Ballklubb, formerly Odd Grenland, written in English as a second language.

I‘m a 20 year old boy who currently live in Oslo, where I am studying social pedagogy, or social working as they say in England (I think). My big passion in life is ODD Grenland. My first game came in 2000. It was the quarter final in the cup against Moss FK, whereas ODD won the shoot-out after 35(!!) penalties! Since then my heart has beaten faster and faster for the oldest club in Norway. After the relegation in 2007 I have bought season ticket, and I follow my club all over the country.

The purpose of this blog is to let you be aware of whats happening in and around ODD Grenland. I‘ll translate news, post interesting histories and of course publish my opinions. Also, if you request something, I‘ll give it my best to help you. I‘ll try to post something at least 6-7 times every week, so stay awake!