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Our mission: to increase awareness to, and bring to an end, homophobia in football, and to promote the value of equality, regardless of sexual orientation, in this beautiful game.

We will work toward our goal by adhering to and promoting the following values:

We support everyone in the football world regardless of sexual orientation. We come for the game and the players, and do not care about whom they love off the pitch.

We do not accept homophobic slurs directed towards anyone. The use of them by fans, or anyone else, to describe players is not acceptable. We denounce all violence and hate crimes.

We believe all players should be evaluated on talent alone. We believe that awareness and education are the keys to achieving greater equality, and we hope our efforts towards equality on all accounts will make people re-evaluate their opinions.

Red Card Homophobia will fulfill this mission by committing to:

    Educate people through our blog by collecting reports of both incidences of homophobia and the efforts to combat it;
    Promote awareness through social media of all types: social networking (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), multi-media (i.e. YouTube), major national and international news media outlets, and promotion of values at games and in public;
    Find and partner with other organizations to eliminate hate and increase support worldwide;
    Gain the support of football clubs and football players to spread the message;
    Create a community of supporters and encourage them, and others, to share in our mission;
    Bring together the numerous anti-homophobia organizations from all over the world over our common goal.