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The football section of a blog written in English as a second language. In the author‘s own words....


I‘d class myself as a geek.

I like computers. I dislike apple. Why, because I refuse to fall for the brand where you are expected to pay double the price just because it has nice picture of an half eaten apple on it. I also dislike how being apple, ties you into apple. I‘m believe in the open source nature of computing.

I spend more time setting up my media players, metadata, network connections, digital files than actually sitting down to enjoy the films and tv shows.

I like sci-fi. There has yet to be a better tv series than Ronald D. Moore‘s 2004 re imagining of Battlestar Galactica. I enjoy Star Trek, but, although enjoyable, dislike how J. J Abrams has changed the show from being characters with heart to a generic Sci-Fi action flick. Plus too much lens flair.

I love 2D animation, I enjoy a bit of anime, but I‘m not hardcore. I wish there was more 2D animated films about.

I am a Liverpool Football Club supporter.

I follow boxing.

I am Liberal and a socialist. A liberal leftie if you will.

If I think of anything else, I‘ll let you know.