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Saha From The Madding Crowd was established in September 2009 after I completed my master‘s degree. At first I just wanted something to keep my mind ticking over as I looked for a job, but the site soon became an increasingly important part of my life.

Regular blog posts across a number of topics, some also being hosted by various other sites such as The Two Unfortunates, Twohundredpercent, and (only once so far) In Bed With Maradona, allowed my writing to be read by a wide audience and I soon felt like part of the burgeoning football blogging community.

I developed an interest in the history of football writing, particularly fanzines, and in 2010 I began to study for a PhD in the subject. A year later, however, I suspended my research after I successfully applied for a job with Football Radar. I am currently one of their La Liga analysts.

My writing has made it into print. Paul Tomkins‘ 2010 book Pay As You Play used three short essays of mine on Manchester United‘s transfer record during the Premier League era.

Born in Norwich, I now live in London - despite Alan Partridge‘s warning about either being mugged or not appreciated.

(And if you're wondering about the blog‘s name, it‘s the result of an English literature student‘s weakness for puns and an affection for the underrated, unlucky-with-injury, French striker Louis Saha.)