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My name is Andrew Harrison. I was born in Norwich in 1959, just a few months after the great FA Cup run. I went to my first match at Carrow Road in 1969. I LIKE football to this day. But I LOVED football from the late 60‘s until I guess, the mid to late 80‘s.The game was not necessarily better then - but it WAS different.

I have followed the Canaries all my life, from the terraces, the seats, and the comfort of my armchair. They have been a constant source of both inspiration and frustration.

There are plenty of fine sources of information on the net relating to the history of Norwich City Football Club. This blog is my attempt to pull it all together in one place, in a manner which is readable, interesting, and mildly entertaining. Hopefully the end result will be a fitting tribute to the club. The current items are put on to bring some degree of modern perspective - after all anything happening right now will soon itself become history. The site is however essentially history based, something I make no apologies for.

The personal stories are as accurate as my sense of recall will allow.