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In an attempt to keep myself sane over the course of the 09/10 season, I decided to use this as a place to let off steam and vent my thoughts about Coventry City‘s progress.

That all seemed to go quite nicely (the blogging side of things, not the team performance), so three whole years later, and I‘m still doing it - rambling away whenever there is something worth rambling about.

The plan was to focus my attention on writing in this, as opposed to indiscriminate ranting at anyone who‘ll listen, which always tended to be my main outlet. I never really envisaged it becoming a widely viewed Coventry City blog (as my points often annoy), but it‘s always good to see my posts popping up on forums with people discussing my waffle.

lt‘s also quite interesting to look back at how many times during the season I threaten to stop supporting them and form my own breakaway club; FC Coventry City Mönchengladbach Saint-Germain.