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A boring, careful gambler who enjoys the odd flutter on anything that you can put your money on. I do, however, consider myself to have a decent knowledge of English football and therefore like to return a profit on my football bets. No point going for the 100/1 accumulators, let‘s just take the bookie‘s money a little bit at a time.

I started this blog at first to keep a public eye on my own betting habits to ensure that I wouldn‘t get in a position whereby I was losing money regularly as I think it‘s very important to keep on the right side of betting to make money rather than betting because your body needs it. However, as I went on I quickly worked out that despite placing around 100 points on average per month I would rarely make a loss that would be worth worrying about. In fact, where my selection success rate was, and indeed currently is, never below 50%, see form here, I actually make money more often than not.

Therefore I decided to edge towards a betting tipping service to help others avoid handing money over to the bookies when they could be making profit. Ok so it‘s never going to be exciting 1000/1 accumulators, although I have placed a few sporadically over the course of the year, but small profit is better than no profit and that‘s the most important thing to remember. I have decided to put some rules and tips up on a separate page which can be found here.