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Hi, I started this blog on the 3/6/2011 mainly because I thought that the 140 tweet limit was not enough and decided to start my own blog to blog about opinions and debates football related. This blog is not specific to any specific competition or team however I will be mainly blogging about issues relating to the premier league however I may discuss other topics if they interest me

I chose the name "The Managerial Merry-Go-Round%quot; as when I started the blog I couldn‘t think of a name for it and while I was thinking I was watching sky sports news and they were discussing the vacant Chelsea, Fulham, Aston Villa and Cardiff City job and it made me think about how managers don't stay at their clubs for as long as they used to do and thought I could use that for my blog name and then The Managerial Merry-Go-Round was created

I‘ve enjoyed football for a long time and over the years I have been privileged to watch some great matches and some great players and due to my vast experience I thought I would blog about Football