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FA Cup Prediction Game
The Final Rules
Once all of the knockout rounds have been completed, up to and including the semi finals, the remaining two players will predict the final.
Point Scoring
Again the prediction is for 90 minutes. If there is a clear prediction winner after 90 minutes (even if the real final is tied after 90 minutes) then the prediction competition is over and we have a champion.
The scoring and tie breakers will be exactly the same, with the exception that there will be no drawing of lots. Finalists will be asked to predict the time of the first goal (including the possibility of predicting no first goal) - to be used only in the event of both predicting the same score/result. Finalists can predict the same score if they want but cannot predict the same time for the first goal. The second prediction must be different in that respect only.
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Group Stage Rules
Knockout Stage Rules
For the full breakdown of the rules, as they appear on the original game thread, click the not606 football forum graphic below to be taken to the game thread on not606.