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The Official 'Better Than All The Rest'
FA Cup Prediction Game


The inaugral Better Than All The Rest FA Cup Prediction Game took place in 2015. 45 entrants started out in the group stages for the 3rd and 4th rounds, with 16 making it through to the knockout stages from round 5 of the FA Cup onwards.

The group stages started out as high scoring affairs (for most players) but the closing rounds turned into an abysmal effort to find out who was the least worst predictor in the competition!

It seems that by some fluke of circumstance, all of the quality predictors were knocked out in the quarter finals, and the final four of Tasty Magpie, Heed, Trev and Nolberto did not manage to muster a single point between them in either the semi-finals or the final, with tie-breaks being required to separate the bad from the even worse!.

In the end, Nolberto managed to somehow overcome Heed to take the very first FA Cup competition.

If you think you could do better then why not give the 2016 Game a go?. Just click the link and follow the instructions. Surely you couldn't do any worse than last year's miserable efforts?

2016 Better Than All The Rest FA Cup Prediction Game




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