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FA Enforces Sports Betting Ban on English Players

From next season all English football players will be banned from placing bets on any matches played anywhere in the world. This ruling was ratified at a recent English Football Association annual meeting and will apply to every player in the top 8 tiers of the English league system.

The ruling affects players in the Premier League, Championship League, Leagues One and Two, Conference, and the top Isthmian, Northern and Southern Leagues. The FA has stipulated that the changes will come into effect from the start of the 2014-2015 season and every player competing in any of the Leagues will be prohibited from placing bets on any football-related matter or match.

Players may no longer wager on team selections, employment of managers, transfers or any other club matter, nor may they bet on games outcomes or scoring conventions. The blanket ban on betting comes as a blow to many players as these types of wagers have been both lucrative and great way to alleviate stress. There may now be a shift from players accessing online sports books to them spending more time gaming at virtual establishments such as in an effort to enjoy the same kind of rush.

The FA‘s new ban replaces the current rules which only prohibit players from placing bets on matches or tournaments in which their club is involved. This ruling has been breached by players in the past, and Newcastle‘s Dan Gosling, Crystal Palace‘s Cameron Jerome and Tottenham Hotspur‘s winger Andros Townsend have all disregarded the ban and been disciplined accordingly. When the new ban comes in to effect, players will be monitored even more closely and they are also prohibited from passing on any insider information to a third party who will then place bets on their behalf.

In a statement released by the FA it was announced that the worldwide ban on betting would come into effect from the 1st of August 2014 and that participants who were covered by the ban were prohibited from indirectly or directly wagering on any match, completion or other football event that takes place anywhere in the world. A harsh stance on the subject of sports betting, but one that makes sense none the less. Players will simply have to look to other sports or games worthy of wagering on, and keep their competitive spirit for the field.