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Je Suis Charlie


It is OK to disagree

It is OK to criticise those you disagree with

It is OK to think somebody is a dick because of what they say or believe

It is NOT OK to murder and silence those you disagree with

It is NOT OK to deny others the right to criticise your beliefs

It is NOT OK to deny journalistic freedom

You CANNOT defeat freedom with fear!

The Football Blog Directory stands in full support of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who were murdered by extremists for publishing satirical cartoons which offended some muslims.
To stand alongside you do not have to agree with the message of the cartoons. Neither do you have to even agree with the sentiment of wanting to poke fun at any religion. All you have to do is agree that in a free society they had the right to publish those cartoons, and to criticise the beliefs of anybody, without fearing for their own safety and well-being.
A free press, whether that be traditional publications or independent bloggers, has the right to express their opinions without fear of retribution. It is my belief that any attacks on that freedom, whether they come from religious extremists, government agencies or mob rule, should be resisted by all journalists, bloggers and anybody who believes in a free society.

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