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Premier League Prediction Game

Everybody loves a football prediction game!

The Football Blog Directory, in association with the not606 football forum, is running a Premier League Prediction Game that everyone is welcome to sign up for.

‘The Premier League Prediction Game Of Destiny And Doom!!!’
is a results and scores prediction game based entirely on, and unashamedly ripped off from, Mark Lawrenson's predictions on the BBC Sport website.

All players need to do is predict the score of each Premier League game each week, and for every correct score you gain three points, and for every correct result (win/lose/draw) you gain one point. What could be simpler?

The competition is run monthly, with no limit on the number of players, so that anybody can start playing at any time. With promotion and relegation at he end of each calendar month then everybody has the opportunity to catch up anybody else, no matter how late in the season you start to play.

Anybody can enter. The more the merrier. However, the game is hosted on a football forum which is reactively moderated. There is a swearing filter in place but the forum should still be treated as having a PG rating.

The Premier League Prediction game Of Destiny And Doom is hosted on the not606 football forum, so in order to join the game and start predicting you will need to register on the forum. Registration is simple and free. All you need is a valid email address.

To register for the not606 forum then click the graphic below:


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