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Sneak Preview Of The New FanBet Website

The Premier League offseason is typically a time for fans to shut off from football for a couple of months but we all know that‘s never going to happen, not with transfer season now in full swing and the World Cup around the corner.

The folks over at FanBet are also busy with the redesign - or update - of their popular betting site launched earlier this year. The beta version of the site featured a free betting game where fans get to play against each other in a simulated bookmaker for weekly cash prizes. The beta version was deemed a success and development has gone forth for what is now a greatly improved product.

The new FanBet site has not launched yet - as the Premier League only gets underway mid August - but keen fans can see a sneak preview of what‘s around the corner. The new site allows you to follow winning betters, see their picks, track odds at leading Bookmakers and hopefully earn bigger returns on your betting action.

Big launch giveaways are rumoured to be in the pipeline and the best way to get on the notification list is to obviously signup as a member. FanBet will no doubt be making a big splash into the football market in the coming year, so watch the press for more info on launch dates and promotions.

You can visit FanBet directly at


A screenshot of the new website.