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The Premier League Prediction Game Of Destiny And Doom!!!

How To Enter

The Premier League Prediction game Of Destiny And Doom is hosted on the not606 football forum, so in order to join the game and start predicting you will need to register on the forum. registration is simple and free. All you need is a valid email address.
At registration you will be asked to choose a username and password. This is the name you will be known by to other users so its worth taking he time to pick one you like. You will also be asked if you were referred to the site by an existing user. This is optional, but if you would like to fill in this box then your referrer is 'Less hope Than Neville.' As it is also a football forum you will also be asked to fill in which football team you support. That is as complicated as it gets!
Click here to register with not606
Once registered you will have access to the full football forum and not just the prediction game, with boards for every league club in England and Scotland, and many others.
The Premier League Prediction game Of Destiny And Doom is hosted on the Newcastle United board, but it is open to fans of any club - even mackems! The graphic link below will take you to the first page of the game thread. While you are welcome to read through the entire thread, the game is fairly self-explanatory so you may want to navigate to the last page to catch up with the latest predictions and banter.

Please take the time to read the forum rules and once registered follow the rules to maintain your ability to post. The site is moderated very leniently, with plenty of room left for banter. As a result the forum should be treated as having a PG rating. There is a swearing filter, but it is probably not suitable for younger children.
The forum is a welcoming place, so if you are not sure of anything then just ask. One thing you're never short of on a football forum is someone willing to share an opinion!

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