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The Premier League Prediction Game Of Destiny And Doom!!!

The Rules

The game is open to anybody who wishes to play. The game involves predicting the scores of Premier League games each matchday/weekend.
There is no limit on the number of players who can join the game, nor is there any time limit on when a player can join the game. Anyone is welcome to join at any stage of the season. The game is played over a calendar month, with promotion and relegation through the leagues at the end of each month.
All predictions must be posted on the game thread on the not606 football forum (link on graphic below). This requires registering on the forum (free) and therefore all players are required to observe the general forum rules in order to continue being able to post predictions.
Only scores predicted before games kick-off will count towards the game. Over the course of a weekend it is still possible to predict the scores of games yet to kick off, even if you have already missed some games.
The scoring system is based on Mark Lawrenson's predictions on the BBC Sport website. A correct score will gain 3 points. A correct result (win/lose/draw) will gain 1 point. Scores are totalled up over the calendar month and reset at the beginning of each new month. The competition is run as leagues of fourteen players. The top three in each division at the end of each month are promoted to the next division up, replacing the bottom three players who are relegated to the league below. There is no limit on the number of leagues, so the game is never full.

Where players‘ scores are level, overall positions are based on the order at the previous points update. This means that in order to overtake a player above you, you must also overtake their score. Drawing level with a player will result in staying below that player in the rankings. At the beginning of the month the previous order is taken as the finishing positions in the previous month. New players are ranked in the order they joined the game.
As well as the increase in the size of the leagues, another change this year is a new rule to avoid leagues being clogged up by inactive players. This year, if more than two players in any league fail to predict within a calendar month then they will be automatically relegated to the league below, with additional promotion places in the league below created to compensate.
Sign up and start playing. We're not that good so it wont take long to catch up!


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