Removed Blogs


The Football Blog is regularly checked and indexed to provide listed blogs with the best quality back links possible. This helps to boost each blog's ranking with search engines, and as a result, each listed blog's visitor numbers.

The up to date indexing system also allows us to keep the Football Blog Directory sitemap as accurate as possible, which helps visitors to the Football Blog Directory to find the most up to date and useful information about football blogs about their favourite football club or area of interest.

As part of the indexing process, the reports also highlight broken and dead links. Broken and dead links harm the ranking of the directory, and therefore cannot be left on the directory. Any blog that is reported as a dead or broken link is placed on a list to be checked for a second time (approximately 24 hours later). If the link remains dead or broken on the second check than the blog is scheduled for removal from the Football Blog Directory listings and from the 'Total Blog Count.'

There are many reasons that a link can become broken, particularly for bloggers who run blogs in their spare time on an occasional basis. Therefore, we do not simply delete and discard our records of removed blogs. They are moved into the 'Removed Blogs' section of the directory, and their links are de-activated. This allows us to maintain a healthy site while also allowing for speedy re-listing if a blog owner informs us that a blog is active once again.


Links that become inactive are usually only for blogs that have a custom domain name (unless a blogger has actively closed their blog). It is often a result of forgetting to renew either the domain name or web-hosting that results in dead and broken links for bloggers. If this is the case then let us know as soon as the blog is back up and running and your blog will be re-listed asap. If your custom domain name has expired but your blog still exists with its original blogger/wordpress address, then send us details of the alternative URL so that your blog can be re-listed.